One of the universal certainties is that we will all experience times of uncertainty. My speaking and coaching platform is Resilient Leadership. I empower people to leverage inevitable change, challenge, disruption…uncertainty. I truly believe that miraculous results can be created through these things. I’ve witnessed it in my own life. Not just physically but in various ways.

I want you to know that you can create and attract the greatest results in your life during these most uncertain times. The true test of any leader, go-getter, head of household, business owner, or social servant is how he or she operates in times of uncertainty and despair. Like I’ve always said, it’s easy to smile, be happy, and exude confidence in the good times. But when life slaps you in the face, how do you respond? Well, the whole world has taken a slap, a gut punch with COVID-19. Yes, we must face this challenge head-on by taking the prescribed precautions, but we should also stop (most of us are forced to anyway) and focus on certainties in our lives. Now is the time to do so.

This is the absolute BEST time to create certainty in our faith, finances, fitness, career, business, vision for our lives moving forward, and much more. Here are five ways to create certainty in uncertain times:

1. Financial Certainty:

Are you where you want to be financially or moving towards where you want to be? If you didn’t get paid for the next six months, would you be able still go out and buy all the toilet paper during a crisis like this? I use toilet paper in this example, but I mean any of the necessities you’re currently going out to purchase. If the answer is no, then now is a great time to create a plan that will help you change that position. This may sound crazy to some but now is a great time to start saving money. You shouldn’t be out spending as much as you normally do, and you should replace wants… for necessities. Eating out should be less since we must stay inside. This along with other opportunities to spend less gives us the ability to save some money. Want to be certain about your finances in the future? If so, be disciplined and save money now. If you’re already doing so, try to save a little more if possible. Pause, look at your total financial picture, act like a filter on our phones, and improve it…realistically though.

2. Fitness Certainty:

What a great opportunity to work on our fitness. In many cities the gyms are closed. This means less pressure on you to go get in an hour workout. You see, most people don’t go to the gym because they think about how long it takes. Their time is limited so they don’t find the time to work out. Well, home workouts, even without weights, are great! You can get in a great home workout in 20 minutes if you focus. You can get so much done in those 20 minutes that you begin to feel encouraged to do it again and again. You’ll find that you can workout more consistently with short home workouts versus seemingly long workouts at the gym. Better yet, with less people outside, go for a walk or hike. Find great home workouts on YouTube, ask a local trainer, or a friend that works out consistently and get some ideas. You can be certain about your improved health and fitness in times like these.

3. Mental Certainty:

Want to be sharper? More informed? More knowledgeable? Learn something new? Be inspired? Improve what you already know? Read more. Simple as that. Start out by reading my book, Indifferent Strokes, Embracing Life’s Adversities! Just kidding…not really. Read something that feeds you in some way. Be still and meditate. Go for a walk. Get a massage from your spouse or significant other. Take a nice long warm bath. Watch a good movie. I can go on and on. Find ways to shut your mind down… “zone out”. This and many other things can help you find certainty in your mental improvement during this uncertain time.

4. Family Certainty:

Now is a great time to improve relationships with others…especially your family. There is less hustle and bustle right now. There is more time to talk to one another. There is more time to eat together and fellowship amongst one another. Many of us must work from home and children are out of school. Use the time to develop or redevelop bonds with others. There should be less social media family building and more actual in-person talks or chats on the phone. Your family situation will certainly improve if you are intentional about using this time to put more focus on your family.

5. Personal Vision Certainty:

Lastly, and most importantly, YOU certainty! These are the best of times to work on you. You have time to reflect on your current state of being and address multiple areas. I’m doing that a lot these days! Use this situation in our world to propel you to high heights. Seek a higher level of thinking. Seek to be more patient. Seek to be more intentional. If you don’t have goals written, write them. If there is a project you’ve been meaning to start, start it. If you want to “turn the corner” in an area of your life or in a relationship, now is a great time! Your personal growth is supremely paramount! We all must seek to come out on the other side of this chaos, better. An improved version of yourself. Every area of your life is improved when you improve. So, let’s create certainty in our lives by working on the biggest project you’ll ever have in your life…YOU.

There it is. Five ways to create certainty in uncertain times. Of course, there are many other ways, but these come to mind first for me. Let’s start here.

My hope is that these five suggestions help you leverage this crisis and come out on the other side achieving miraculous results.

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