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Terrance “Miracle” Minnoy is a passionate Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Author. He is certified by the Les Brown Institute and a member of the National Speakers Association. He partners with organizations to develop teams that resiliently thrive through change and disruption.

In business and in life, change and disruption are inevitable. Terrance recognizes that the overall performance of any business and its team members can be adversely impacted. By conducting strategic workshops and delivering targeted keynote messages, he can be pivotal in the regrouping process that leads to organizational advancement even while facing challenges, change, and disruption.

Terrance grew up on the eastside of Bakersfield, California in the mid-80s, His low income neighborhood, known as the Projects, was ravished by drug usage, drug sales, high crime, and gang activity. Unfortunately, Terrance witnessed the many perils of the inner-city lifestyle. Fortunately for him, he was blessed with athletic talent, academic competence, mentors, and a praying mother. Together, they helped him navigate his way through the pitfalls and eventually, he earned a full scholarship to play basketball in college. This was a major goal in his life at the time. It changed the trajectory of his life!

Terrance is familiar with unforeseen adversity, sudden change and disruption. Seemingly in the best of health, in 2015, he was tragically debilitated after suffering three strokes in a 24-hour period! Miraculously, against all odds, Terrance made a full recovery, hence the moniker, “Miracle”. By following a system, he found himself not just recovering but flourishing in multiple areas of his life despite the reality of his situation. He believes that in the volatile world of corporate America, a systematic approach can also be implemented to recover, reset, and achieve desired outcomes.

Terrance earned his undergraduate degree in Business Management and a master’s in Organizational Management. He was a college basketball player and has spent over a decade as a collegiate basketball referee. Terrance also has multiple decades of sales experience and has been nationally recognized as a top performing sales leader with three global organizations. This success placed him in the “heat of battle” during some of the world’s most competitive corporate wars. For almost two decades, Terrance has maintained significant residual success in the multi-level marketing industry (MLM). Through his part-time efforts, Terrance has built an organization that has been paid millions of dollars in commissions. He is more than qualified to coach, train and empower others to boldly face change, disruption, challenges and ultimately thrive, not just survive!

Certified by the Les Brown Institute

Member of the National Speakers Association


Bachelor’s Degree: Business Management


Master’s Degree: Organizational Management


Former Collegiate Athlete – Basketball


Nationally recognized Sales Leader


Collegiate Basketball Official

Mission Statement

Through consulting, coaching, and speaking, the mission of Miracle Minnoy Motivation is to inspire individuals and organizations to capitalize, grow, and be empowered through inevitable challenges, change, and disruption.


Miracle Minnoy Motivation aspires to be globally recognized as an authority in breakthrough methodology for individuals and organizations alike. Our messaging will be heavily recruited by audiences around the world that are seeking hope, inspired engagement, and authentic storytelling that invokes “take action” emotion.

Why Hire Terrance?

Regardless of your level of success, nationality, background, or status, inevitably life will put you to the test. Will you bounce back? Will you show resilience and fight to thrive despite dismal circumstances and unforeseen challenges? Organizations strive to hire or develop the best talent available. Helping that talent maintain peak performance when put under stress is of utmost importance. It’s paramount! Developing a culture of organizational and personal resilience is vital to the performance of any business. Terrance possess the perfect pitch, passion, and cadence to inspire your audience/team to showcase their resilient spirit in their personal lives and in organizational advancement. His authentic story coupled with his experience makes him the best choice to empower your audience to face all challenges with confidence.

Mr. Les Brown, once said, “When life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.” Terrance has been knocked down many times in his life. Obviously, three strokes in 24-hours being his biggest challenge but he’s had many. He states, “I’ve had to take a knee on countless occasions in my life.” In the corporate sales environment, as an entrepreneur, as an athlete, and in his private life, Terrance has consistently showcased his resilience and used moments of challenge as a catalyst to his next achievement. He knows for a fact that challenges and adversity is the gateway to excellence. He states, “Mediocrity is rejected when adversity is embraced.''

When Terrance engages your team or audience, their emotions are invoked. They are inspired to strategically utilize those emotions to get in motion. Take Action! His messages are authentic, energetic, entertaining, transparent and saturated with applicable strategies. When these strategies are utilized, they assist people in becoming high achievers, people of impact, and invaluable assets to the organization, even when faced with change, disruption, and challenges. He encourages them to REIMAGINE the value of character building moments and the necessity of being a resilient leader.


Hire Terrance to:

Connect, Engage, and Mobilize your audience/team

Give realistic and applicable strategies to grow, lead, and challenge self-imposed limits

Help uncover internal and external blind spots that effect an organization

Identify routine habits, mindsets, and attitudes that require the “break-up” process

Encourage the embracing of change, disruption, and challenges

Help improve team performance, teamwork efforts, and moral

Communicate the leadership skills that facilitate growth and enlarged vision

Facilitate the R.E.S.E.T process

Three Strokes?

Terrance gives details of his miraculous journey of surthrival during his near-death experience. He refers to it as an opportunistic disruption in his life, the “icing on the cake”. Read how this experience has catapulted him into his life purpose of inspiring, encouraging, and empowering others through speaking, coaching, and writing.

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