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Resilient Leadership Personified

Three Strokes to Purpose

Terrance gives details of his miraculous journey of surthrival during his near-death experience. He refers to it as an opportunistic disruption in his life, the “icing on the cake”. Read how this experience has catapulted him into his life purpose of inspiring, encouraging, and empowering others through speaking, coaching, and writing.

Why Hire Terrance?

According to a recent Deloitte study, 68% of business leaders are overwhelmed by the rapid pace of change and are unengaged.  This is unfortunate.  

CHANGE and DISRUPTION is the new normal for leadership success! This is a fact that must be accepted at all levels of the organization. Policy updates, reorganization, social movements, personal health, family matters, and even pandemics, just to name a few, can cripple a team, stymie momentum, and decrease morale. Neither lead to winning!

For any organization looking to emerge stronger following change or a crisis, acquiring, cultivating, and retaining resilient leaders is paramount!

This is where Terrance can help! He inspires and empowers leaders to leverage change, challenge, and disruption, on the way to miraculous results.

His energy, authenticity, proven strategies, and miraculous story of resilient leadership while under stress, will give your audience or team a thought-provoking and transformative experience that will engage and mobilize them.

Hire Terrance to:

Connect, Engage, and Mobilize your audience/team

Offer realistic, practical and applicable strategies to lead, grow, and pivot

Help identify internal and external blind spots that affect the organization

Strategically identity leadership habits and mindsets that require the “break-up” process

Expose the benefits of change, challenge, and disruption

Help improve team performance, teamwork efforts, and moral

Communicate the resilient leadership skills necessary to thrive, not just survive.

Facilitate R.E.S.E.T, Reinvention, and Re-Engagement

Certified by the Les Brown Institute

Member of the National Speakers Association


Bachelor’s Degree: Business Management


Master’s Degree: Organizational Management


Former Collegiate Athlete – Basketball


Nationally recognized Sales Leader


Collegiate Basketball Official

Mission Statement

Through consulting, coaching, and speaking, the mission of Miracle Minnoy Motivation is to inspire individuals and organizations to capitalize, grow, and be empowered through inevitable challenges, change, and disruption.


Miracle Minnoy Motivation aspires to be globally recognized as an authority in breakthrough methodology for individuals and organizations alike. Our messaging will be heavily recruited by audiences around the world that are seeking hope, inspired engagement, and authentic storytelling that invokes “take action” emotion.

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