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Indifferent Strokes

Embracing Life's Adversities

In this book, motivational speaker, Terrance “Miracle” Minnoy, shares strategies that you can use to recover from a setback, reinvent yourself, and illuminate your true passion and purpose…“Live Your MIRACLE.” You don’t have to passively accept the punches that life will inevitably throw at you. Be the aggressor by using Terrance’s proven strategies. By adopting them, you’ll become attuned with your power attained through indifference.

Terrance has also included 2 BONUS re-released eBooks to add to Indifferent Strokes. So in addition to the book, “Indifferent Strokes” you will also receive “R.E.S.E.T” and “5 Steps to Resilience in Adverse Moments” all in one!

5 Steps To Resilience in Adverse Moments

As long we are blessed to enjoy this beautiful life, it’s inevitable that we will experience some tough and ugly moments. How we respond to these moments are of utmost importance. “5 Steps to Resilience in Adverse Moments” gives you a plan of action to endure these moments and thrive following them.


Have you ever been knocked to the ground by circumstances? In every area of life we are faced with challenges that must be overcome with fresh perspective, a rejuvenated mind, and refreshed body.

Each letter in R.E.S.E.T are part of the plan to help you hit the reset button of life and go to your next level of excellence.

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