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SW Specialty Team

Terrance was hired to deliver one of his signature talks, P.I.V.O.T 2021, to a group of high performing specialty sales associates of Walgreens. The talk was used as the keynote to launch them into 2021. The talk was well received by the associates and the leadership. 

Bakersfield Christian High School

2020 CA State Champions 

Prior to the 2020 state playoffs, first year Head Coach, Garrett Brown, requested Terrance to come in and inspire his team for the challenge. Terrance delivered his talk titled, WIN ANYWAY! Talking points from the talk were used as motivating monikers during their playoff run, “pack parachutes” and “win anyways!” The team went on win the state championship! They even put the title of the talk on their championship rings.

BCSD - Parent University

Terrance spoke to Parent University of the Bakersfield City School District.  This award-winning and enthusiastic organization of parents were inspired and encouraged to develop their vision, understand their “Why”, and practice strategies that uncover blindspots in their lives. Parents left this event knowing that continuous personal growth and resilient leadership is key to the development and aspirations of their children.

Bakersfield College Umoja Conference

Terrance gave the keynote address at the Bakersfield College Umoja Black History Conference 2020. Over 200 students (HS-College) were captivated by his message of unity, personal growth, their greatness within, and the current state of education opportunity gaps in California. This high energy keynote speech was received with enthusiasm, high engagement, and a very interactive Q&A session following.

United Way

In May 2019, Terrance was hired by United Way Kern County as the closing keynote speaker to their 29th Annual Professional Development for Nonprofit conference. He gave a message that included collaboration amongst local non-profits, individual greatness, and ways to manage the economic climate for non-profit organizations. He also had his book, Indifferent Strokes, available for purchase by the participants.

Encompass health

Terrance was hired to speak at the Annual Employee Appreciation Dinner for a selected group of employees. This was a special event for him. Why? Because he spent two weeks as a patient with Encompass Health. He gave a passionate message of appreciation, recognition of the organization’s overall impact, and gave take-aways to help each employee advance their skillset

Bakersfield Women's Business Conference

Terrance spoke to a standing room only audience of professional women at a well attended business conference. He received high marks for his passion, delivery, relevant content, and take-aways.

Project Management Institute

Terrance spoke to a group of project management and IT professionals at the 19th Annual SoTec Conference. Terrance showcased the ability of his messaging to transcend various types of audiences. His ability to customize the keynote and his thorough researching of the industry impressed participants

Open Up

Terrance has been featured numerous times on the international webcast, Open Up. He used the platform to share his story of encouragement and hope. He also released each of his self-published writings on the show. His appearances were always highly anticipated and viewed.

Three Strokes to Purpose

Terrance gives details of his miraculous journey of surthrival during his near-death experience. He refers to it as an opportunistic disruption in his life, the “icing on the cake”. Read how this experience has catapulted him into his life purpose of inspiring, encouraging, and empowering others through speaking, coaching, and writing.

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